Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Carlos Tevez Excuses For Not Playing Against Bayer Munich

Hey guys, we all know about the Tevez - Mancini Epic Fight after Carlos Tevez allegedly refused to play. ( You haven't heard of it?  Gosh! you gotta read this :  )

Here are the funniest excuses Tevez made for not playing. Enjoy.

- "FIFA 12 just came out today and you expect me to go on the pitch?!"

"Manager I swear, John Terry said if I play he'd do my wife"

i spent the week training with Torres, you really want me to come on?

#TevezExcuses " saving myself for the manchester derby"

" I don't wanna be part of another Munich disaster."

"Chill boss, i can score as many goals on the bench, as torres on the field"

NASA told me it could spell the end of the world, if me, Ribery and Lescott were on the same pitch at the same time..

"I wanted the world to know that I'm the only man who can refuse to do my job and still get paid thousands of pounds."

" Ican't leave Zabaletta alone on the bench.. I'm home sick he's all I got from Argentina"

  "I owed Bastian Schweinsteiger £50 and I didn't have it on me."

"Ribery was on the pitch, if I came in it would be a Horror movie."

"Yo Boss, imma let you finish but 2-0 down and you put me in, what am I? Berbatov?"
"I was helping you, Mr. Mancini. Now everyone is talking about me and not the defeat we suffered. I saved your face, man." 

  "I can't run round with £250k stuffed in my pockets"

  "what me? Play? I thought I was the mascot"

   "My wife doesn't like Germany so I can't play there"

  "Mario had promised me next go on his iPad"

  "I was shellshocked at learning that a third restaurant has opened in Manchester"

"I don't even know English how am i supposed to know Italian!"

  "I'm only here for moral support" 

"I helped City win the FACup and you bought Aguero, you want me to help you win the UCL so you can buy Messi ? I'm not a fool."

"I was just trying to keep Titus Bramble out of the papers"

Mancini - 'Carlos,we need a goal,I need u to put your neck on the line out there'. Tevez - 'I have no neck'

  "I was unfit... I blame Manchester United's medical staff. "

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