Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why Henry Re - Joining Arsenal is BAD....

Like every other Arsenic fan  I too was ecstatic when Henry rejoined Arsenal on loan this month. That was always my dream, Henry playing for the club one more time and adding t his 226 ( i a sorry ,its 227 now )goal legacy.

It is true that with  Henry in the dressing room , it lifts the spirits of the youngsters like Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and others. Anyway, there are infinite positive outcomes of Titi coming back. But with every positive there is always a negative.

We have seen Henry's comeback from a fan's point of view. Now lets take a look at him coming back into the team from a player's point of view. Say Park Chu-Young. The South Korean captain was in the form of his life when he joined Arsenal scoring shed load of goals for his country. He was set to join Lille in August before Le Prof lured him to the Emirates. Ever since , Ju has started very very few games. Forget bout starting, Ju hasn't even got enough substitute appearances till now. He did manage to score a quality winner against Bolton in the
League Cup, hasn't got enough game tie since then.

With Chamakh and Gervinho leaving for the African Cup of Nations , it was a chance for people like Park, Arshavin, Chambo and a few others to break into the team. With Chamakh leaving , it was a golden opportunity for Park - Only to be broken by The King.

Yes, The Return of The King may have gone down very well with lots of fans and some players, but personally for players like Park, it will have a serious negative effect on his morale and confidence. Wenger signing Henry shows that he does not believe in strikers like Park and that will have a serious negative effect on him and the future of the club.

That is why, its bad that Henry came back ( :P). Nevertheless, if Henry ends up scoring some goals then that would do for me. Hopefully he will. But having watched the Swansea game, I doubt it. He could not complete any pass and gave away the ball which led to the Swans winning goal. If I were to be super critical about his performance in that match, then I regret to say that it was a below par performance by the king. Seriously, Wenger has to give a chance Park. because he is top quality.We know that. Just hope Le Prof realizes it.

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